DNC-1030 Fiber-Optic Tethering Cable

DNC-1030 Fiber-Optic Tethering Cable

Aug 9th 2022

Display your professionalism with our ingenious fiber-optic tethering cable. Our 30 meter DNC-1030 utilizes the latest in fiber-optic technology to give you real time feedback for all your underwater shooting needs. Capable of real time file transfer which enables you to ensure the quality, composition, and artistic integrity of your underwater filming and shooting needs. Having the photos and videos sent to your above water viewing station allows you to work closely with clients to pick out favorite photos and ensure the shoot is a success.

With a 5Gbps+ transfer rate and RAW transfer capabilities our cable will keep up with even the most demanding shoot applications. Along with the transfer capabilities our cable also allows for the camera to be controlled from above the water, adjust your ISO, shutter speed, and more without ever getting wet. Not only will our DNC-1030 display your professionalism but it will also save you money, time, and effort by ensuring that you always get your shot.

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