Remote Operation Underwater Cable and Bulkhead Connector Duo

Sep 13th 2022

Controlling your camera's functions from a distance can enable you to get the shot of a lifetime. By using our innovative bulkhead connector and cable system, you can get your shot without breaking the bank. Our DNC-1134 waterproof cable and DNC-2120 waterproof bulkhead connector combo is the perfect set to be paired with the Arri Alexa Mini Motors. The DNC-2120 bulkhead connector allows for the control of LBUS compatible devices to adjust camera focus, zoom, and more from a distance. The DNC-1134 waterproof cable can be paired with the bulkhead connector to enable use at depths of up to 30 meters (100 feet). The DNC-1134 cable is compatible with both LBUS and LCS type connectors. Perfect for underwater photography and videography needs, this set has been carefully engineered to elevate your ability for precision and dynamism during underwater shoots. See the links for more information and technical specifications on the DNC-1134 and DNC-2120. Cable and bulkhead connector sold separately.