Underwater Surface HDMI 1080p60 extension cable, 10m

Underwater Surface HDMI 1080p60 extension cable, 10m

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10m Underwater Surface HDMI cable

* DNC-1065 is uwater HDMI extension cable with a waterproof connector from one end and an HDMI male type A connector from another end (top side).
* Available length up to 32 feet (10 meters) before any drop-off in signal or quality is detected. Guarantees NEMA 6 (IP 68)
* The strain relief allows the cables to move without cracking and breaking
* This cable is designed to ensure a perfect transfer of 1080p60 HDMI signal from the underwater camera (Canon cameras, Panasonic, Sony, Z Cam, GoPro) to any HDMI source (LCD monitors; HDMI recorder: etc)
* Custom length and other connector types are available
* Bulkhead connector sold separately

Extension underwater cable works with any Dive And See waterproof bulkhead connectors to transmit HDMI signal.
The bulkhead connector is very easy to install on any housings. Simply remove the plug from your housing, and replace it with our Dive And See bulkhead connector.
All bulkheads come with a built-in water block.
Water block will protect keep the vacuum inside of the housing when using AirLock Vacuum System.
Also protect the housing against penetration of the water, if something happens with the external cable or connection between the cable and bulkhead connector.

10 meters HDMI underwater cable with Bulkhead connector M16 for Aquatica Nauticam Aquatech underwater HDMI  bulkhead connector with water block and 10 meters HDMI cable from dive and see 

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