Mini HDMI underwater bulkhead connector, Sea & Sea MDX R housing

Mini HDMI underwater bulkhead connector, Sea & Sea MDX R housing

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Mini HDMI uwater bulkhead connector for Sea & Sea Canon EOS R, Underwater housing MDX-R

Underwater Mini HDMI bulkhead connector DNC-2123 is designed to transmit 1080p60 signal from the HDMI output of the camera. This connector is compatible with underwater DSLR housings - Sea & Sea MDX-R.

  • Bulkhead connector has a water block which allows it to keep a vacuum inside of your underwater housing, depth -  240 PSI (160 meter)
  • ​ Protective cap is included

Brief Description

We have developed a bulkhead connector DNC-2123 for Sea&Sea Canon MDX-R underwater housing, Canon EOS R DSLR camera with Mini DMI connector Type C.
Custom made Low profile Right angle HDMI connector fits the tight space of the underwater housing.

DNC-2010 Mini HDMI type-C underwater bulkhead connector for Sea & Sea housing

Water Block

Underwater Bulkhead connector comes with built-in water block.
The water block keeps the vacuum inside of the housing when using the AirLock Vacuum System.
Also protects the housing against penetration by water if something happens with external cable or connection between external cable and bulkhead connector.


Custom length of the cable is available.


Bulkhead connector DNC-2123 is compatible with all Dive And See HDMI monitors and cables.

Sea & Sea Canon EOS R Underwater Housing MDX-R

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