Underwater Cat5e Ethernet Power combo Cable, color White

Underwater 300ft Cat5e Ethernet Power combo Cable, color White

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300ft Underwater to Surface Cat5e Ethernet plus Power Cable, color White, for Surface Control of DSLR, Z Cam cameras

  • This cable is designed to provide transmission data and to control cameras such a Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR during underwater sport photography remotely in swimming pools
  • Shoot underwater sports photography remotely
  • Remote Capture Live View while shooting images
  • EOS Utility - use EOS Utility to capture, view, and download images remotely
  • Feed the Power for the camera (low power consumption is prefered).
  • FTP Transfer - Using terminal for wired LAN connection Sony Alpha a9, Nikon D4, you can automatically transfer each image (RAW, JPEG or both) to the FTP server as you shoot or transfer images in batches after shooting
  • Compatible with underwater connector DNC-2089

Brief Description

Underwater (Uwater) 300 feet Ethernet Power cable (two cables in one - Power and Cat5e) gives you full remote-control over many settings like:
Record and Playback control, shutter speed, look, curves, state metadata, lens and advanced preset system, frame rate, white balance, bit-rate, cropping, and HD Filters, using The FoolControl App.
Power cable feeds the camera from the surface.
Consider voltage drop through the cable length.
For High Power consumption, cameras will require a power source which will compensate for the voltage drop.

Cable Specification

The cable consists of Dive And See Power/Ethernet custom waterproof connector from one end, Two Power wires 18GA , 24 AWG solid bare coper, four twisted pair wires/Ethernet from the other end (top side).
DNC-1121 consists of a waterproof connector with a built-in water block.
Solid conductors for data provide maximum performance over long distances.
Depth Rating: 300ft
Strength: Maximum recommended pulling tension - 400 N
Material of cable construction: PVC jacket, OD-11 mm
Material of waterproof connector: Nickel-plated Marine grade brass


To control camera functions, focus, iris, and/or zoom from a distance, such as when shooting handheld or using a stabilizer, gimbal or crane.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras (PTZ).


This cable is compatible with bulkhead connector DNC-2089.
DNC-2089 Underwater Bulkhead connector M16 with Ethernet plus 2 Power wires