Hero7 set: WiFi remote control HDMI Live Video Power Light

Hero7 set: WiFi remote control HDMI Live Video Power Light

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GoPro Hero7 underwater housing with WiFi remote control capability, HDMI Live streaming Video cable, Power cable, LED video light

  • The built-in WiFi on GoPro cameras allows in Real Time to control DNC-GP14 remotely over WiFi underwater extension cable from distances up to 10 meters

  • Underwater camera system DNC-GP14 allows transmit Live Video above the surface for watching on Big Screen or recording best possible High Definition 1080p60 HDMI signal from GoPro HERO camera through 10 meters underwater HDMI cable

  • Quick detachable LED light with build in battery. One charge good for 6 hours Non-Stop usage

  • There is no more worry about running out of power during underwater shoot

  • The Power cable feeds the GoPro camera from the surface

Product Description

  • Record 4K wide-angle video with Hero7 underwater camera on the internal Memory card
  • Waterproof Housing supports the best underwater camera GoPro Models: Hero7/6/5
  • Available length up to 10 meters cable length with regular HDMI connector (type A)
  • Depth Rating of the GoPro housing: 40 meters

With Remote WiFi underwater extension cable you can:

Power the camera On/Off

Adjust all available settings of GoPro

Start/Stop recording and capture photos, using Free download GoPro App to control your camera remotely.

WiFi coverage on the surface around 1.5 meters.

It means you will get a stable WiFi connection with a smartphone, tablet or laptop at a distance of 6 feet away from the end of the WiFi cable/antenna.

The DNC-GP14 housing allows you to connect any external HDMI monitors, big TV, or recorders to capture the HDMI signal from a GoPro camera with a resolution of signal 1080p60.

The housing comes with a waterproof HDMI cable up to 10 meters with a regular HDMI connector on the end (type A).

GoPro HERO 5 camera can output a max resolution format of 1080/60 through the micro HDMI port, so if you're set in 4K, 2.7K, or 1440, the output resolution to the monitor or third party device will be 1080 at 60Hz.

When you activate Record command (to record 4K signal to the memory stick), HDMI output signal switches to the 480p60 resolution.

Sample of available commands GoPro App:


  • Drop camera
  • Underwater, Weatherproof Security control systems
  • Waterproof Inspection camera
  • General underwater inspection
  • DNC-GP14 setup very good instrument, to organize stream live video to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter/Periscope, with additional equipment such a SlingStudio Hub
  • A perfect solution for boat bottom inspection
  • Shallow sea culture construction inspection
  • Aquarium
  • Underwater monitoring system

Power Management

  • The DNC-GP14 set is surface powered allowing unlimited operation time with wide voltage ranging from 7.4V to 24V
  • External power supplied to the camera eliminates battery changes
  • You can use your own power source
  • Power source need to be at least 1A

 battery holder for Sony NP-F970, NP-F930, NP-F950, NP-F960 Powering GoPro HERO7 Black with External Power battery

LED Video Light

Quickly detachable LED Video light consist Rechargeable USB Built-in battery, runtime more than 6 hours.
You can charge the battery, using any standard USB charger.
Cable for the charging is included with the set.
The color temperature of the light is 6000K.
No hot spot, wide-angle bim, provides great coverage.
This light generates Maximum 400 Lumens and offers 2 power settings and 1 SOS settings controlled by a reliable push-button.
Depth rating of the Light - 45 meters.

 DNC-GP10 GoPro Hero 7 Black, Gopro 7, GoPro Hero 7 white, Gopro Hero 5, GoPro 6 with LED underwater light and live stream HDMI output cable Dive Housing for GoPro Hero 7 black, Gopro 6 or GoPro hero 5 for live streaming

DNC-GP10 Waterproof case for GoPro Hero 7 black, Gopro 6 or GoPro hero 5 with HDMI streaming cable  USB charging port for underwater LED light

Power Options

We have a Dual battery plate for SONY L-Series F970 battery, which gives you more than 10 hours of continuous usage.
Dual battery plate without batteries - $110

SONY L-Series F970 battery with dual battery plate SONY L-Series F970 battery with dual battery plate 7.4 volts power bank

DNC-GP10 Waterproof case for Gopro 7, GoPro Hero 7 black, Gopro Hero 7 white, or GoPro hero 5 with live streaming external hdmi and power cables 

The set includes:

  • Underwater Housing for GoPro 7,6 or 5 (camera not include)
  • Underwater HDMI cable up to 32 feet with standard type A connector
  • Underwater WiFi/Power cable 32 feet with standard female 2.1mm x 5.5mm Barrel plug
  • 12V universal (100/240v) power supply
  • Single battery plate for SONY L-Series F970 battery
  • LED underwater Video light with Micro USB Cable for charging