Hero 10 Live View kit DNC-GP16 by Dive And See

Hero 10 Live View kit DNC-GP16 by Dive And See

Dec 18th 2021

The DNC-GP16 is able to serve your underwater filming needs more completely than any other product on the market. Our updated housing is compatible with both Hero 10, 9 and Hero 8. Dive and See is always keeping up with the latest technology, this allows us to bring you exclusive features such as live streaming to the surface. You can record the live stream or display it for your on-sight enjoyment. Our live streaming feature will go as far as your imagination will take it. The DNC-GP16 can do it all, from gathering real-time data to exploring the deep corners of the ocean.

The DNC-GP16 is able to plunge to maximum depths of 100 meters. We deliver it to you with a 10-meter power cable that allows for infinite battery life. The power is protected with an integrated reverse polarity protection circuit. The included LED light can be powered for 2.5 hours from one charge. This is indispensable when capturing footage during boat inspections or construction. We designed the DNC-GP16 out of marine grade aluminum and applied a hard anodized coating to the housing. This makes the DNC-GP16 the highest quality, and most versatile Hero 10 and 9 compatible housing system on the market

We developed the DNC-GP16 to be as feature dense and compact as possible. The low and slim profile and many mounting points of the housing allows users to get into tight spaces without being inhibited by their equipment. The DNC-16 has the most reliable latch and double o-ring system available, surpassing all of it’s rivals. The best feature of all is the DNC-GP16 is designed and manufactured by a small, family owned business. It is our goal at Dive and See to bring you the highest quality and most custom tool for all your application needs.

For more information and technical specifications of the DNC-GP16 visit our site.