underwater USB-A cable for ZED 2i Stereo Camera

USB A 3.0 underwater cable for ZED 2i Stereo Camera

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USB A 3.0 underwater cable for ZED 2i Stereo Camera

  • USB-A Cable DNC-1043 designed for ZED 2i Stereo Camera
  • Cable Length: 10ft
  • Adjustable Waterproof Penetrator: Customize internal cable length in underwater receiver box
  • Operation Depth: Supports depths up to 75 meters
  • Construction: PVC jacket for durability and reliability

The DNC-1043 USB-A 3.0 cable was specifically designed for use with the ZED 2i Stereo Camera. This cable has a length of 10 feet, providing ample reach for various setups.

One unique feature of this cable is the adjustable position of the waterproof penetrator. This allows you to customize the internal length of the cable inside your underwater receiver box according to your specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures a neat and efficient cable management system within your setup, optimizing functionality and convenience.

ZED 2i Stereo Camera underwater set


The cable DNC-1043 is compatible with the M24 USB-C bulkhead connector DNC-2157. This combination ensures a secure and reliable connection for your equipment, allowing seamless data transfer and power supply in underwater applications.