dnc-2157 underwater usb-c connector m24 for ZED-2i Stereo Camera

M24 USB-C underwater bulkhead connector for ZED 2i Stereo Camera

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M24 USB-C bulkhead connector for ZED 2i Stereo Camera

  • Underwater USB-C 3.0 Bulkhead Connector DNC-2157 designed for ZED 2i Stereo Camera
  • Waterproof Connector Thread: M24x1
  • Cable End: USB-C with locking thumb screws, compatible with ZED 2i USB-C port
  • Cable Length: 190mm
  • Purpose: Ensures secure and reliable data transfer and power supply for underwater use with the ZED 2i Stereo Camera

The purpose and specifications of the Underwater USB-C 3.0 bulkhead connector DNC-2157, which is specifically designed to work with the ZED 2i Stereo Camera. Here are the key points for better understanding:

  • Compatibility: The bulkhead connector is made to be compatible with the ZED 2i Stereo Camera, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • Thread Specification: The waterproof connector has an M24x1 thread, which is a standard size for underwater applications.
  • USB-C Connector: At the end of the cable, there is a USB-C connector with locking thumb screws. This connector matches the USB-C port on the ZED 2i camera, providing a secure and reliable connection.
  • Cable Length: The cable's length is 190mm, suitable for connecting the camera to an external device or housing.
  • Compatibility with DNC-1043: This bulkhead connector is compatible with the underwater cable DNC-1043, allowing for extended reach and versatility in underwater setups.

Outline Drawing

Outline dimensions drawing for Underwater bulkhead connector M24 with Short thread.

drawing for M24 Straight Style underwater Bulkhead connector made by Dive And See