DNC-2165 M28 Swivel Power bulkhead connector to feed Nauticam Atomos Ninja V Monitor Underwater Housing

M28 Swivel Power bulkhead connector to feed Atomos Ninja V

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M28 Swivel Power bulkhead connector to feed Nauticam Atomos Ninja V Monitor Underwater Housing

The DNC-2165 underwater bulkhead connector is specifically designed to replace the internal battery within the Nauticam Atomos Ninja V Monitor Underwater Housing. Its purpose is to enable the use of an external power source to supply power directly to the Ninja V monitor. This setup eliminates the need to rely on the monitor's internal battery, ensuring continuous operation during underwater activities without interruptions for battery changes or recharges.

By connecting the dummy battery to an external power source, you can effectively power your monitor. The built-in voltage regulator ensures that the output voltage remains within a safe range of 7.2V to 8V at 2A, making it compatible and secure for your accessory. Additionally, the input voltage range is flexible, accepting voltages from 9 volts to 24 volts, providing versatility and convenience in powering your equipment.

The M28 bulkhead connector is indeed compatible with the extension cable DNC-1159. This combination ensures a secure and reliable connection for your underwater equipment, providing extended reach while maintaining waterproof integrity.

Introducing the Swivel-Style Rotatable Bulkhead Connector designed for the Nauticam Atomos Ninja V housing:

  • Innovative Design: The new design enables flexible installation of the bulkhead connector in your preferred direction on the housing, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

  • Elbow Shape: With a 90-degree elbow shape, the connector keeps the external cable horizontal, deviating from the standard vertical connection style. This setup optimizes cable management and reduces strain on the connection.

  • Thread Specification: The connector features a thread size of M28x1, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of equipment and accessories.

  • Triple O-Ring System: The rotatable portion of the bulkhead connector incorporates a triple o-ring system, guaranteeing reliable and watertight sealing. This feature provides added protection against water intrusion, enhancing the durability and performance of your setup.

Experience seamless and reliable connectivity with the Swivel-Style Rotatable Bulkhead Connector, designed to meet the demands of underwater videography and photography.

Water Block

The Uwater Bulkhead connector is equipped with a built-in water block. This innovative feature serves multiple purposes:

  1. Maintains Vacuum Integrity: When using the AirLock Vacuum System, the water block ensures that the vacuum inside the housing remains intact, optimizing performance and reliability.

  2. Protection Against Water Penetration: In case of any issues with the external cable or connection between the external cable and bulkhead connector, the water block acts as a barrier, safeguarding the housing from water intrusion.


We offer customizable options to suit your specific needs:

  1. Custom Cable Length: Choose the ideal length for your application, ensuring flexibility and optimal cable management.

  2. Different Connector Types: Select from a range of connector types to ensure compatibility with your equipment and setup requirements.

These options allow you to tailor the Uwater Bulkhead connector to your exact specifications, providing a seamless and reliable solution for underwater applications.

Outline Drawing

Outline dimensions drawing for Swivel Underwater bulkhead connector M28 with Short thread.

Elbow rotatable Bulkhead connector M28 Nauticam