Tethering trigger Connector USB 3.1 Type C M14 for Nauticam Canon 1DX II Underwater Housing NA-1DXII

USB 3.1 Type C M14 for Nauticam Canon 1DX II Underwater Housing NA-1DXII

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Bulkhead connector M14 USB 3.1 Type C USB 3.1 Type C for Nauticam Canon 1DX II Underwater Housing NA-1DXII

  • Custom USB-C Underwater Connector with M14 thread for Nauticam NA-1DXII housing
  • USB-C, the latest USB technology, with a reversible connector, works no matter how you plug it in
  • USB-C can transfer data at speeds up to 10Gbps and supports up to 100 watts (3 amps) of power
  • Features a built-in water block to maintain a vacuum inside your underwater housing
  • Custom cable length and various connector directions available

Brief Description

Introducing the DNC-2168, a USB-C bulkhead connector based on the latest USB technology. This connector is designed to fit housings like Nauticam NA-1DXII with its M14x1 threaded port. The short-threaded design (6.1mm or 0.24 inches) and low-profile right-angle connector make it ideal for compact underwater housings.

Water Block

Submerged USB-C Cable Connector comes equipped with a built-in water block. This water block serves a dual purpose by maintaining a vacuum inside your housing when using the AirLock Vacuum System. It also acts as a protective barrier against water ingress due to external cable or connection issues.

High-Speed Data Transfer

USB-C cables can deliver Ultra-HD 4K video resolution to USB-C and HDMI displays, providing fast data transfer capabilities.


Custom cable lengths and different connector directions are available to suit your specific needs.


Submersible USB-C Connector is compatible with Dive And See USB cables, such as DNC-1030. It works seamlessly with DSLR cameras that have a USB Type-C port, including the Sony Alpha a7R III and the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III.

Fiber optic Waterproof USB Cable with for Nauticam Canon 1DX II Underwater Housing NA-1DXII


USB-C connectors and cables have become widely adopted due to their versatility and high data transfer capabilities. Here are some possible applications for USB-C connectors and cables:

  1. Charging Smartphones and Tablets:

    • USB-C is commonly used for charging a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Its reversible design makes it convenient for users.
  2. Data Transfer Between Devices:

    • USB-C supports high-speed data transfer, making it ideal for connecting devices like external hard drives, cameras, and other peripherals to computers.
  3. Laptop Charging and Connectivity:

    • Many modern laptops utilize USB-C for both charging and connecting to other devices. This single port can handle power delivery, data transfer, and video output.
  4. External Displays and Monitors:

    • USB-C supports video output, allowing users to connect their laptops or smartphones to external displays and monitors for presentations or extended screen setups.
  5. Audio Accessories:

    • USB-C is increasingly used for connecting headphones, microphones, and other audio accessories to devices, especially in smartphones and laptops.
  6. Docking Stations:

    • USB-C docking stations provide a central hub for connecting multiple peripherals, such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and external storage, to a laptop or desktop.
  7. Power Banks and Portable Chargers:

    • USB-C is commonly used for charging power banks and portable chargers. It allows for faster charging and can be used to recharge various devices.
  8. Connecting Peripherals to Tablets:

    • Tablets, especially those designed for productivity, often come with USB-C ports to connect external keyboards, mice, or other peripherals.
  9. Digital Cameras and Camcorders:

    • USB-C is utilized for connecting digital cameras and camcorders to computers for file transfer and sometimes for charging.
  10. Medical Devices:

    • Some medical devices use USB-C for data transfer, software updates, and even charging.

Outline Drawing

Outline dimensions drawing for Underwater bulkhead connector M14.

Drawing for M14 underwater connector shell