DNC-2169 M16 long thread Ethernet bulkhead connector low profile ultra slim for Aquatech EDGE MAX Water Housing Canon R3

Slim Cat6a Ethernet Up angle RJ45 M16 Bulkhead connector Aquatech EDGE MAX Water Housing Canon R3

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Slim Cat6a Ethernet Up angle RJ45 Bulkhead connector for Aquatech EDGE MAX Water Housing Canon R3, Extended Thread M16x1

  • Bulkhead Connector is designed to provide transmission data and control cameras such a Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera during underwater sports photography and remotely in swimming pools

  • Shoot underwater sports photography remotely

  • Remote Capture Live View shooting images

  • Bulkhead connector has a water block, which is allows you to keep a vacuum inside of your underwater housingDepth - 240 PSI (160 meters)

  • Contacts: Gold plated, brass

  • Protective cap and security nut are included

  • Material: Marine Aluminum with Hard Anodizing coating

Advantages of Using a Wired LAN Connection on the Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera:

  1. Stable and Reliable Connection:

    • A wired LAN connection offers a more stable and consistent network connection compared to wireless options. This ensures uninterrupted data transfer, which is crucial during live streaming, remote shooting, or transferring large files. With a wired connection, photographers can avoid potential issues like signal interference or dropouts that are common with wireless connections.
  2. Faster Data Transfer Speeds:

    • Wired LAN connections typically provide faster data transfer speeds compared to Wi-Fi. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with large RAW files or 4K video footage, allowing for quicker file uploads and downloads. This speed advantage ensures that photographers can efficiently manage their workflow, saving valuable time during data transfer processes.
  3. Enhanced Security:

    • Wired connections are inherently more secure than wireless ones because they are less susceptible to hacking and interference. Using a wired LAN connection reduces the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches, providing photographers with peace of mind, especially when transferring sensitive or confidential images and videos.
  4. Low Latency for Remote Shooting:

    • When using remote shooting applications, such as Canon’s EOS Utility, a wired LAN connection offers significantly lower latency. This means faster response times and more accurate real-time control of the camera settings and operations. Low latency is essential for capturing precise moments in sports, wildlife, or event photography where timing is critical.
  5. Dependable Power Supply and Connection:

    • Wired LAN connections often come with the advantage of Power over Ethernet (PoE), which can provide a reliable power source to the camera. This is particularly useful for long shooting sessions or time-lapse photography, where maintaining a constant power supply is crucial. PoE also simplifies the setup by reducing the number of cables needed, making the shooting environment less cluttered and more efficient.

By utilizing a wired LAN connection, photographers using the Canon EOS R3 can benefit from enhanced reliability, speed, security, low latency, and a dependable power supply, all of which contribute to a more efficient and professional shooting experience. 

Ethernet LAN port of Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera


These bulkhead connectors fit into M16x1 threaded ports or 0.625" (16mm) holes. They're compatible with LAN Ethernet Dive And See cables such as DNC-1020DNC-1101DNC-1044, etc

Water Block

The underwater bulkhead connector features a built-in water block. This water block is essential for maintaining the vacuum inside the housing when using the AirLock Vacuum System. It provides an extra layer of protection by preventing water from penetrating the housing if there is an issue with the external cable or the connection between the external cable and the bulkhead connector.


The custom length of the cable is available.

Outline Drawing

Outline dimensions drawing for Underwater bulkhead connector M16 with Long thread.

outline dimensions underwater hdmi bulkhead connector M16