7 Inch External Uwater Monitor 4k HDMI or SDI options

7 Inch External Uwater Monitor 4k HDMI or SDI options

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7 Inch External Uwater Monitor |4k HDMI or SDI | Anamorphic Mode | Completely sealed, Embedded Battery |6 Hours Of Non-stop Operation

  • Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Sony Alfa A7R II, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Panasonic GH5, Canon cameras, and any 4K cameras. HDMI Video Monitor fits and works with all brands of the housings.
  • Sealed Design: Completely sealed manufacturing, eliminating the risk of equipment leakage after open-close procedures. Depth Rating: 328 ft / 100 m.
  • Immersive Visuals: 7" Diagonal IPS LED screen with 1920x1200 resolution, 450 nits brightness, wide viewing angle, and 1200:1 contrast ratio. Color-critical picture with no distortion
  • User-Friendly: Neutrally buoyant in water. Full menu access with external push buttons, including Power ON/OFF switch, onscreen battery status indicator, and 2 user-configurable push buttons.
  • Advanced Features: Peaking filter, Anamorphic Mode, Pixel to Pixel, Image Flip, Screen marker, Check Field, False colors, Histogram, Scanning mode, Center marker, Segmentation, Zoom, Freeze, and more.
  • Focus Assist: Utilize the Peaking filter to evaluate focus with color outlining, enhancing subject clarity
  • Inputs and Outputs:
    • HDMI Input/Output Support Formats: 1080p, 4K UHD 3840x2160p, 4K 4096x2160p.

    • SDI Support Formats: 480i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p.

  • Sunlight Readable: Brightness of 450 cd/m2 for clear viewing even in direct sunlight

  • Dive Deeper: Depth Rating of 270 ft / 82 m

  • Portable and Lightweight: Weighing just 3.54 lbs. (1.6 kg) and measuring 7 x 5.5 x 2.36 inches (179 x 140 x 60 mm).

  • Safety First: Reverse polarity protection circuit for added security.


  • We offer bulkhead connectors for most popular underwater housing brands.

  • Various connector types and thread sizes are available to meet your specific needs.

Full size - Type A
Mini - Type C
Micro - Type D
Thread size for bulkhead connectors:
M24 Aquatica special

Input and Output Options:

  • DNC-7B(H1): HDMI input.

  • DNC-7B(H2): HDMI input and additional HDMI output loop through Bulkhead connector for Live streaming video.

  • DNC-7B(S1): SDI input.

  • DNC-7B(S2): SDI input and additional SDI output loop through Bulkhead connector for Live streaming video up to 1080p60 (3G signal).

  • DNC-7B(HS): HDMI input, SDI live streaming video out connector. HDMI resolution must be 1080p60 to get SDI 1080p60 Out.

DNC-7B  7 inch Underwater External Monitor, 4k HDMI, SDI monitor, sealed monitor with custom bulkhead connector with Nauticam NA-C200Sea&Sea MDX R housing camera Canon EOS R

Special Option: Surface-to-Diver Video Signal Transmission

  • Seamless Connectivity: Transmit video signals or diagrams directly from the surface computer to the diver with an 80-meter SDI cable.

  • Reliable Communication: Ensure clear and uninterrupted communication with the diver, even at significant depths.

  • Real-Time Visualization: Enable divers to receive crucial visual information, enhancing their safety and efficiency during underwater operations.

  • Enhanced Monitoring: Facilitate better decision-making by providing divers with access to vital data and visuals from the surface.

  • Robust SDI Technology: Utilize the high-quality SDI cable for high-definition video transmission, maintaining signal integrity over extended distances.

With this special option, you can establish a secure and effective communication channel between the surface and underwater diver, enhancing the overall safety and productivity of underwater tasks.

Durable & Sealed Design:

  • Compact and Rugged: Measuring a mere 201 x 142 x 74 mm, it's a compact powerhouse. Its robust construction ensures it can handle the toughest environments.

  • Waterproof Assurance: The monitor is certified to NEMA 6 (IP 68) standards, guaranteeing its ability to withstand immersion and protect against dust.

  • Resilient Shell: Crafted from strong yet lightweight aluminum with a hard anodized coating, this monitor resists the corrosive effects of saltwater, making it an ideal choice for professional underwater photography.

  • Total Sealing: The monitor is hermetically sealed, eliminating the need to open or disassemble it. You can trust it to remain completely impervious to water, sand, or any other elements, even after recharging.

Mounting Capability:

  • Versatile Mount Adapter: The set includes a detachable mount adapter, which allows the underwater monitor to be easily tilted and rotated. It features a 1" ball on the end for flexible positioning.

  • T-Slots for Versatility: Binding T-slots located on both the top and bottom of the monitor facilitate effortless connections with underwater housings and arms. This design versatility is useful for attaching lighting or an external microphone.

This monitor combines durability and practicality, ensuring it's your reliable companion in any underwater photography or videography expedition. Its sealed design and adaptable mounting options make it a valuable tool for capturing stunning underwater moments.

DNC-7B 7inch 7 underwater external monitor 4k hdmi sdi monitor with shoe ball mount7" monitor with SDI Nauticam housing

Bulkhead Connector:

  • Universal Compatibility: We offer bulkhead connectors (fittings) designed to fit all brands of underwater housings, ensuring compatibility with your equipment.

  • Customization Options: Tailor your setup with custom-length cables and various HDMI connector types to meet your specific needs.

  • Rugged and Reliable: Our bulkhead connectors are equipped with water blocks and open-face pressure rating up to 150 PSI (100 meters). These features safeguard your equipment and maintain a vacuum seal when using the AirLock Vacuum System.

  • Protection Assurance: In the event of an external cable issue or a connection problem between the cable and bulkhead connector, the water block serves as a protective barrier, preventing water penetration into the housing.

  • Quick Connection: The DNC-7B(H1) features a detachable HDMI cable for rapid connection with the bulkhead connector on the housing. This convenient design simplifies transportation.

Power and Charging Configuration:

Option 1 - Standard:

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable UN/DOT 38.3 Certified Li-Ion battery.

  • Continuous Runtime: The HDMI version offers an impressive 6 hours and 30 minutes of continuous operation on a single charge.

  • Efficient Recharge: Recharging the battery takes just 5 hours, ensuring minimal downtime.

DNC-7B  7 inch Underwater External Monitor, 4k HDMI, SDI monitor, sealed monitor with custom bulkhead connector with battery charger

Option 2 - No Battery Inside:

  • Extended Monitoring: This option is ideal when you require an extended monitoring period or have limited time for battery recharging.

  • Power Source: In this configuration, power is drawn from the Camera Housing, and the SDI signal is transmitted through one combo waterproof cable with a suitable waterproof connector.

  • Note on HDMI: Please note that this power configuration is compatible with the SDI signal and does not support HDMI.

  • Low Power Consumption: The monitor's power consumption is a modest 9W.

  • Reverse Polarity Protection: The monitor includes a reverse polarity protection circuit for added safety.

Choose the power and charging configuration that best suits your underwater monitoring needs, and rest assured that our bulkhead connectors provide reliable connectivity and protection for your equipment.

SDI and Power feed monitor trough one single waterproof cable


Screen Size: Diagonal 7" (16:10)
Display panel: IPS LED
Physical Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Video Formats: 1080p(60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/24sF/23.98/23.98sF)

4K UHD 3840×2160p (30/29.97/25/24/23.98 Hz)
4096×2160p (24Hz)
View Angle: 178(H) 178(V)
Brightness: 450 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
Depth Rating: 328 ft / 100 m
Weight: 3.54 lbs. / 1.6 kg
Size: 7.91 x 5.59 x 2.91inch / 201 x 142 x 74 mm
Voltage: DC 8.6V
Buoyancy: neutral in fresh water/salt
Battery Life: 6 hours 30 minutes - continuous.
Battery recharge time: 5 hours


outline dimensions of dive and see, diveandsee, dnc-7b 7inch 7 underwater, external monitor, 4k hdmi sdi monitor, diving monitor with custom bulkhead connector

Monitor Hood:

  • Glare Reduction: The removable Sun hood is an effective solution for reducing glare, especially in shallow water and outdoor viewing conditions. It ensures clear visibility and minimizes distracting reflections on the monitor screen.

  • Durability: Constructed from durable plastic, the monitor hood is built to withstand the challenges of field use, offering robust protection for your delicate monitors.

  • Easy Installation: Installing the monitor hood is hassle-free, and the set includes spare screws to facilitate the installation process.

DNC-7B  7 inch Underwater External Monitor, 4k HDMI, SDI monitor, sealed monitor with custom bulkhead connector, underwater monitor with sun shade

The Set Includes:

DNC-7B  7 inch Underwater External Monitor, 4k HDMI, SDI monitor, sealed monitor with custom bulkhead connector, anamorphic mode

  • Sealed Monitor: The heart of your underwater monitoring setup, completely sealed for maximum protection.


  • Protective Caps: The set includes both a metal and a plastic protective cap to shield your equipment when not in use.

  • Cold Shoe Ball Mount: A 1-inch cold shoe ball mount provides versatility in mounting options, making it easy to attach additional accessories.

  • Battery Charger: Keep your monitor powered up and ready for action with the included battery charger.

  • Monitor Hood (Sun Shade): The essential monitor hood is included to enhance visibility by reducing glare and shielding your monitor from the elements.