Underwater external Power Bank case for Sony NP-F970 Battery

Underwater external Power Bank case for Sony NP-F970 Battery



Underwater external 130Wh Power Bank case for Sony NP-F970 Battery

  • Robust Power Solution: Waterproof aluminum case housing two Sony NP-F970 batteries, providing a total capacity of 12,600mAh for reliable power.
  • High Capacity: Super powerful 130Wh source ideal for extended underwater use in various devices.
  • Versatile Output: Adjustable DC output option for flexible power allocation.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for underwater use, requires a separate bulkhead connector for setup.


Enhance your underwater power with this lithium-ion technology-powered case designed for Sony's Battery Pack. Featuring dual battery plates compatible with robust Sony NP-F970 batteries, this housing ensures extended usage. Fitted with a Dive And See connector on a fixed cable end, it provides convenient connectivity. Customizable cable length and connector types are offered upon request. Select the suitable bulkhead connector by contacting us directly. With an output current of 4.5A(MAX), it's optimized for efficient power delivery. Access and replace batteries swiftly within the aluminum housing, protected by a Hard Anodizing coating. Enjoy reliable performance up to a maximum operating depth of 75m.


Option 1 (default)

  • Parallel Connection: The two batteries connected in parallel, offering a total capacity of 12,600 mAh (130Wh).
  • Output Voltage: Adjustable from 1.25 to 7.4V.

Option 2

  • Serial Connection: The batteries connected in series, providing a total capacity of 6,300 mAh (47.5Wh).
  • Output Voltage: Adjustable from 1.25 to 14.8V.


Enable continuous power supply to various electronic devices underwater:

  • DSLR cameras
  • Security cameras
  • GoPro cameras
  • Video cameras
  • Transmitters/Receivers
  • WiFi amplifiers"


  • Conveniently connect with underwater housings and arms through top and bottom binding T-slots.
  • Includes a detachable mount adapter with a 1" ball on the end, allowing flexible tilting and rotation of the Battery housing.
  • Ideal for lighting setups underwater.

Mounting Capability

The set includes:

  • Underwater Housing designed for SONY L-Series F970 batteries, featuring two battery plates.
  • Cold shoe ball mount measuring 1 inch for versatile mounting options.
  • Permanently attached power cable for seamless power supply.

DNC-PB underwater power bank set to feed electronic devices