Underwater external Power Bank case for Sony NP-F970 Battery

Underwater external Power Bank case for Sony NP-F970 Battery



Underwater external 130Wh Power Bank case for Sony NP-F970 Battery

* Super Powerful power source 130W
* Durable Underwater Aluminum case
* Consists of Two Sony batteries with a total Capacity - of 12,600 mAh
* Adjustable DC Output option 
* Bulkhead connector sold separately


An underwater case for Sony's Battery Pack provides the advantages of lithium-ion technology.
The housing consists of two battery plates for powerful Sony NP-F970 batteries.
Permanently attached cable with Dive And See connector on the end.
Custom cable length and other connector types are available.
Contact us, to chose/order appropriete bulkhead connector.
Different options for Power cable length and connector types are available.
Output Current: 4.5A(MAX).
Easy and quick access to replace the batteries.
Aluminum housing with Hard Anodizing coating.
Maximum operation depth 75m.


Option 1 (default)

Parallel connection of the two batteries. Total capacity - 12,600 mAh (130Wh)
Output voltage can adjust from 1.25 to 7.4V

Option 2

Serial connection of the batteries. Total capacity - 6,300 mAh (47.5Wh)
Output voltage can adjust from 1.25 to 14.8V


Provide power underwater for electronic devices:
DSLR camera
Security camera
GoPro camera
Video camera
WiFi amplifier


* Binding T-slots on the top and bottom allow convenient connection with underwater housings and arms.
* The set includes a detachable mount adapter, allowing the Battery housing to be tilted and rotated, with 1" ball on the end.
* It is useful for lighting

Mounting Capability


* Underwater Housing with two battery plates for SONY L-Series F970
* Cold shoe ball mount 1 inch
* Permanently attached power cable

DNC-PB underwater power bank set to feed electronic devices


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