DNC-5B World's  Most Versatile Underwater Monitor

DNC-5B World's Most Versatile Underwater Monitor

Sep 7th 2022

Professionals need professional equipment, with this in mind we carefully design and create each DNC-5B monitor to order with a variety of customization options. By using our newest model of monitor you will be able to see your images in crystal clear quality (1920 x 1200) and brightness (600 cd/m2). Line up your shots with our large, completely sealed and battery operated monitor; never again will you have to guess if your subject is in frame or judge it by small, difficult to see view windows. By using our included mount you can adjust the monitor to swivel and tile to any angle to suit your needs.

This monitor has been designed to provide our clients with a reliable, enjoyable, and productive filming experience. With a rugged construction it is built to hold up to the most demanding photography and videography occasions. Our aluminum housing has been crafted for durability and is finished with a hard anodized coating. The finish coating allows for the DNC-5B to provide you with the longest lasting and highest quality performance available.

The built in battery allows the monitor to perform for up to 5 hours of continuous run time. With a charge time of 3.5 hours you can get back to filming as soon as possible. The DNC-5B comes with multiple power, charging, input and output configurations to suit all varieties of configurations. The monitor can be used to depths of 100m as the standard option, with custom depth options available. With durable and versatile external buttons the monitor can be controlled for a variety of functions including Focus Peaking, Pixel-to-pixel, Vectorscope, False color, and more. The wide variety of setting options we have available can be accessed via the Dive and See website and the instruction manual of the monitor.

For more information and technical specifications on the DNC-5B visit our site.