5 inch 4K 60Hz Uwater HDMI or SDI Video Monitor Live Video

5 inch 4K 60Hz Uwater HDMI or SDI Video Monitor Live Video

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5.5 inch Uwater 4K 60Hz HDMI SDI Video Monitor with Live Video option


* Screen resolution: 1920x1200, Full HD resolution
* Video Monitor fits and works with all brands of the underwater housings
* Built in battery gives you 5 hours of NON stop usage time
* Set includes: Sealed monitor, Battery charger, Monitor Hood, Hot shoe Ball Mount, & Bulkhead connector per your choice
* Compact and Rugged design, dimensions: 163 x 114 x 87 mm, Depth Rating -100 meters (150 m is a custom option)

* One user-programmable function button 
* Brightest available on the underwater market – 600 nits
* Reverse polarity protection circuit

With the enhanced 600 cd/m2 back-light and a 1100:1 color contrast ratio, this Video Camera Monitor produces a crystal clear picture and shows colors vividly even under sunlight. A large, manufacturer sealed, bright external DNC-5B monitor gives you the ability to frame your shots and focus with great precision, the flexibility to swivel and tilt to any angle for your convinient use.  

Color temperature function allows you perfectly match a color of the screen and your Video or DSLR camera screen. Analyze the incoming video signal with built-in video monitoring tools to achieve correct exposure, focus, and color balance.


Built-in functions of DNC-5B include:

Focus peaking 


Vectorscope, Waveform 

False color 



R/G/B only 

Color bars

3D LUT (option)


DNC-5B(H1) - this model has only HDMI input
DNC-5B(H2) - this model has HDMI input and additional HDMI output loop through Bulkhead connector for Live streaming video up to 4K
DNC-5B(S1) - this model has only SDI input
DNC-5B(S2) - this model has SDI input and additional SDI output loop through Bulkhead connector for Live streaming video out up to 1080p60 (3G signal)
DNC-5B(Lut) - this model has HDMI or SDI  input and additional bulkhead connector for Lut

HDMI Input, HDMI Output

The DNC-5B(H2) can output HDMI signal from monitor to large monitor up to 30 meters for instant review (cable DNC-1066) or up to 100 meters (fiber optic DNC-1034).
Loop through capability, allows the user to monitor the filming and feed the signal to another source such a film director monitor.

DNC-5A hdmi version of underwater 5" monitorDNC-5A 5 inch lcd hdmi monitor with external 30 meters hdmi underwater cable

HDMI Input, SDI Output

The DNC-5B(S2) can output SDI signal from underwater monitor up to 50 meters (cable DNC-1062).
SDI output, allowing it not only to display live signals but also send them out to another monitor simultaneously, maintaining quality.
Adjusting the monitor settings does NOT affect the properties of the footage you are taking in Record mode, and does NOT affect on Output signal (live video).
You will get a clean SDI signal on the surface end.

DNC-5A(S1) sdi version of underwater monitor with full hd resolution 1920x1080


Option 1 (standard)

battery charger port of DNC-5b uwater waterproof monitor

Built-in rechargeable UN/DOT 38.3 Certified Li-Ion battery with Battery Status Indicator shows the power level of the battery.
The flashing mode tells you when the battery needs charging.
The charger is capable of 110V-240V input, allowing it to be plugged into power outlets in a number of countries.
Charging battery port has water block and electrical protection circuit.
Continuous run time of HDMI version - 5 hours.
Recharging time of the battery - 3 hours 30 minutes.

Option 2

No battery inside the monitor.
Power for the monitor is going through the separate cable from your own power source (wide voltage range DC 7.5 ~ 24V).
Embedded Reverse polarity protection circuit will protect the monitor against any accidental incorrect polarity of the power wires.
It has been common in our experience for DIY power systems to have incorrect polarity.

Option 3 (only for SDI version)

No battery inside the monitor.
SDI signal and Power will go through one Combo cable.
This setup will work for RED, Arri Alexa, Z Cam camera, when you decide to feed power for the monitor, directly from those cameras.


* The set includes a detachable mount adapter, allowing the underwater monitor to be tilted and rotated, with 1" ball on the end
* Binding T-slots on the bottom allow convenient connection with underwater housings and arms

dnc-4015 cold shoe ball mount for DNC-5B uwater monitor  


We have bulkhead connectors (fittings) for all brands of the housings. To chose your Bulkhead, see our Connectors production line. Custom length and other HDMI connector types are available. All of our bulkhead connectors have water blocks and are open face pressure rated to 150 PSI (100 meter). Our bulkhead connectors fit into existing free ports in your housing and are easy to install. The DNC-5 has a detachable HDMI cable for a quick connection with a bulkhead connector on the housing. The unpluggable cable is convenient for transportation. The bulkhead connector is compatible with DNC-N and DNC-7. A dual o-ring seals the bulkhead HDMI connector and increases the reliability of the connection. The first o-ring works as an axial seal and the second as a radial seal to assure continued sealing.

* Bulkhead connector comes with built-in water block, open face pressure rated - 100 meters.
* Water block will protect keep the vacuum inside of the housing when using AirLock Vacuum System.
* Detachable cable connector for easy transportation. 


Easily navigable, all the functions are accessible and customizable through the body of the housing. 

Monitor Hood

Removable hood eliminates glare, comes with extra screws and is durable for a long life in the field. 

Removable Sun hood for DNC-5A greatly eliminates glare in shallow water, outdoor viewing and protects delicate monitors from the elements. Constructed of durable plastic can stand up to the rigors of use in the field. Spare screws include the monitor kit. Monitor hood easy to install. Dive and See DNC-5A HDMI waterproof monitor with sun hood



Screen Size: Diagonal 5.4" (16:9)
Display panel: IPS LED
Physical Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Video signal input: HDMI 2.0
Signal Input: supports 1080/ 24i/ 24p/ 25i/25p/ 30i /30p/ 50i/ 50p/60i/ 60p; 720/ 50p, 720/ 60p; 480, 480p; 576i, 576p
Signal Input: supports 1080/24psf/25psf;50i/50p;60i/60p;720/50p/60p;480i; 576i
View Angle: 160(H) 160(V)
Brightness: 600 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 1100:1
Depth Rating: 100 meters
Weight: 3.1 lbs. / 1.4 kg
Size: 6.4 x 4.4 x 3.4 inch / 163 x 114 x 87 mm
Buoyancy: negative 300 g in fresh water
Battery Life: 5 hours continuous
Battery recharges time: 3h 30min


* Sealed Monitor
* One bulkhead connector (specify a type of your housing)
* 1 metal and 1 plastic protective cap
* Cold shoe ball mount 1 inch
* Quick battery charger
* Monitor hood (sun shade)

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