Waterproof Power cable, 14 Gauge,  for Alexa S35

Waterproof Power cable, 14 Gauge, for Alexa S35

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Waterproof Power cable for high power consumption cameras: Alexa S35, Phantom Flex 4k 

* The waterproof cable has heavy 14 gauge (AWG) wires to minimize voltage drop for the long length

Brief Description

- We designed the cable to feed the RED camera over 30 meters distance
- From the top surface end the cable has 3 pin XLR connector.

- Suggested power source: HangTon 24V AC DC Power Supply (216W, 24V)

Power consumption of Phantom Flex 4K - 140W Typical with CineMag
Power consumption of Alexa 35 - 90W
Power consumption of Weapon Helium 8K S35 - 63W


Cable works with Dive And See bulkhead connectors DNC-2127

Cable Specification

* Cable consists of two Stranded flexible 14 AWG wires
* Nom. O.D. of Cable (in) 
* Jacket Material - Neoprene
* Conductors Material - Bare Copper
* Color Code Chart - Black, White
* Nominal Current - 10 A
* Material of waterproof connector: Nickel plated Marine grade brass
* Depth Rating: 100 meters


Custom length and other types of connectors are available.

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