LANC Remote Trigger Shutter, uwater M16 bulkhead connector

LANC Remote Trigger Shutter, uwater M16 bulkhead connector

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LANC Remote Trigger Shutter, Underwater M16 bulkhead connector, Rotatable Elbow style

* LANC Remote Trigger Shutter bulkhead connector is designed to control some functions of the camera - remotely, without dealing with buttons on the camera itself
* Good solution for connecting LANC control to the camera
* Internal cable has 2.5mm TRC connector on the end
* All contacts - Gold plated brass
* Custom length and other connector types are available
* Protective cap is include

Brief Description

LANC control jacks are used for controlling video equipment and connected peripherals.

Z Cam E2 LANC remote control connector

Compatible with cameras such as: Z CAM E2, Blackmagic Ursa Mini, Canon C300 MKIII, C500 MKII, EOS R, EOS R6, Fuji XT-4, Lumix S1H, GH5, S5.

Water Block

Uwater Bulkhead connector comes with the built-in water block.
The water block keeps the vacuum inside of the housing when using the AirLock Vacuum System.
Also protect the housing against penetration of the water, if something happening with external cable or connection between external cable and bulkhead connector.


The custom length of the cable is available.


Bulkhead connector is compatible with LANC Dive And See cables such DNC-1080


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