DNC-5B SDI submersible monitor  for  Scubacam Splash bag

DNC-5B SDI submersible monitor for Scubacam Splash bag

DNC-5B splash-DN

DNC-5B for splash bag

Submersible SDI monitor for Scubacam splash bag with combo SDI - Power cable

Don't let equipment failure hold you back from accomplishing your shot. See our solution to Scubacam splash bag Lemo connector leakage. This kit includes our 5B monitor which is a precision tool for the direct viewing of a shot, enabling you to save time and money. Our easy to install and fully waterproof connector can be installed to ensure that the splashbag can perform for you in the toughest conditions.

Unlike the stock weatherproof connector, our connector is fully waterproof ensuring you'll never have a leak. Our accompanying bulkhead connector has been specifically engineered to create a waterproof connection between your splash bag and viewing monitor. Our easy to install bulkhead connector is able to be submersed, if your model of splashbag is submersible.

  • Screen resolution: 1920x1200, Full HD resolution
  • Fully compatible with Scubacam splash bag
  • Input signal - SDI (for ARRI Alexa Mini, RED, any 3G SDI cameras)
  • The monitor is completely sealed and works above water
  • Cooling fan inside, prevent overheating of the electronics
  • No internal battery, power feed from an outside source (Alexa, RED cameras)


* 5.5 inch Screen Diagonal, Wider view angle 160 degree
* One user-programmable function button
* Brightest available on the underwater market - 600 nits
* Set of the monitor includes: Sealed monitor, Monitor Hood, Hot shoe Ball Mount
* Compact and Rugged design, dimensions: 163 x 114 x 87 mm
* Application: external waterproof SDI monitor for Scubacam or similar splash bags
* Custom length cable is available
* Built-in Reverse polarity protection circuit
* Weights (Monitor, monitor hood, ball mount) - 1.2kg

This model of the waterproof monitor, designed to work above the water with splash bag, which has a Monitor Output connector, to feed video and power signal.
The monitor does not have an internal battery. Power for the monitor comes through the combo cable, directly from splash bag.
Combo cable (Power and SDI) with waterproof Dive And See connector on the end support 3G SDI signal 1080p60.
The monitor accepts a wide voltage range DC 7.5 ~ 24V. Compatible with Scubacam Alexa Mini Splash Bag.

For more functional information on this monitor, see DNC-5B page

DNC-5B for Scubacam splash bag waterproof monitor

Build in "Reverse polarity protection circuit" will protect the monitor against the wrong polarity of the power wires.
It is happening very often when you build your own power setup.

waterproof sdi 5 inch monitor cable connection for airsealand splash bag

The monitor can come with separate cable DNC-2105 for the splash bag, price $395.
Panel mount M16 connector for Scubacam splash bag

Set of the monitor includes

*Sealed monitor
*Monitor Hood
*Hot shoe Ball Mount
*Option - DNC-2105 panel mount connector cable with BNC and power wires, $395

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