Marine HDMI connector M16 long thread, Elbow style, rotatable, Full-size

Marine HDMI connector M16 long thread, Elbow style, rotatable, Full-size

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HDMI Full size, Elbow style, Rotatable Right Angle underwater bulkhead connector M16, long thread

  • Rotatable HDMI Bulkhead Connector full-size Type A (90 degrees), is designed to transmit 1080p60 signal and some 4K
  • Custom Full-size HDMI right angle connector passing through threaded or non-threaded M16 port.
  • DNC-2102 Waterproof HDMI Connector compatible with Salty Blackmagic Pocket 4K 6K underwater housing (M16 thread)
  • Submersible HDMI Connector have water block, which is allowing to keep vacuum inside of your underwater housing
  • Depth - 240 PSI (160 meters)
  • Contacts Gold plated, brass
  • Water Protective cap is included
  • Material Marine Aluminum with Hard Anodizing coating

Brief Description

What is it: The DNC-2102 Marine HDMI Bulkhead like a twist-and-turn connector for your underwater gadgets. It's built to make your life easier.

Why it's helpful: Picture this – you're underwater, and it's cramped. Your cables and connectors need to fit just right. This is where the DNC-2102 shines. It's like a plug that can spin and turn, so it's super handy in tight spaces or tricky angles.

A Fresh Design for Your Convenience:

  • Installation Flexibility: You can place the DNC-2102 Rotating HDMI Cable Connector in any direction you like. It's like choosing your own adventure for connecting your gear. No fuss, just freedom.

  • 90-Degree Elbow Shape: Instead of the usual up-and-down style, this connector keeps your cable horizontal. Neat, right?

  • The updated design offers flexibility in installing the bulkhead connector in your housing, allowing you to choose the preferred orientation. Its elbow shape (90 degrees) keeps the external cable horizontal, deviating from the typical vertical connection style.
  • Thread Specifications: It connects securely with an M16x1 thread. No more worries about loose connections.

  • Triple O-Ring Security: The rotating part of the connector has not one, not two, but three O-rings to seal the deal. Your gear stays dry and safe.

Water Block: Keeping Things Tight and Dry

  • High-Pressure HDMI Connector DNC-2102 comes with a built-in water block. Think of it as a guardian that keeps your underwater space sealed tight, especially when you're using the AirLock Vacuum System. It also prevents any water accidents if something goes wrong with your cables or connections.

Customization: It's All About You

  • Want a longer cable? Need a different type of connector? You've got options. Just ask, and we'll customize it for you.

Compatibility: No Fuss, Just Connect

  • The elbow-style connector is like a best friend to Dive And See waterproof HDMI cables and HDMI monitors. They just click together seamlessly.
  • HDMI connector Full-size Type A on the end of bulkhead connector compatible with cameras such as Sony FX3, Sony Alpha A7S II, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Nikon D850, Panasonic Lumix GH5, NIKON Z9, SONY A1 & A7S III, etc

Outline Drawing: See It All Clearly

  • If you're into details, we've got an outline drawing for you. It gives you the specifics of the Submerged HDMI Cable Connector, so you can plan with precision.
  • Detailed dimensional drawing available for the M16 Underwater HDMI bulkhead connector with an extended thread.

outline drawing for High-Quality Rotatable HDMI Connector