UWater LAN Ethernet Cat6 bulkhead connector for 16mm port

UWater LAN Ethernet Cat6 bulkhead connector for 16mm port

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Underwater (UWater) LAN Ethernet Cat6 bulkhead connector for 16mm port

  • Underwater LAN Ethernet bulkhead Connector is used for facilitating the transmission of LAN Ethernet data at speeds up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gigabit per second) between underwater systems
  • Full remote-control over many settings, when using The FoolControl App
  • Marine Aluminum Construction with Hard Anodizing coating
  • Bulkhead connector has a water block, which is allowing to keep vacuum inside of your underwater housing
  • HIGH SPEED CAT6 CABLE, Stranded T-568B Wiring
  • Contacts: Gold plated, brass
  • Custom length and other connector types are available
  • Depth - 240 PSI (160 meters)

Brief Description

Introducing the DNC-2025, an underwater LAN Ethernet Cat6 bulkhead connector designed for 16mm ports. It's your gateway to high-speed data transmission of up to 1 Gigabit per second between underwater systems.

The DNC-2025 is a bulkhead connector accompanied by an Ethernet Cat6 cable and RJ45 connector, providing universal connectivity. It ensures seamless data transmission at high speeds from underwater devices and grants control over Cat6 cables (four twisted pairs of Stranded copper) linked to your camera or other electronic devices.


  • Adheres to the T-568B standard wiring.
  • Cables made of 100% bare copper wire with 50-micron gold-plated RJ45 plugs.
  • Conductor Gauge: 23 AWG.
  • Ideal for IP cameras, security cameras using Power Over Ethernet cable, and sending LANC commands from PC to the camera (RS-232 port).

Cat6e underwater Ethernet cable with RJ45 on the end DNC-1102 set urwater Ethernet cable with underwater Ethernet bulkhead connectors


  • IP Cameras (RS-485): It's utilized for connecting IP cameras, enabling data transmission and control over Ethernet cables, particularly useful for surveillance or monitoring systems.

  • Security Cameras with Power Over Ethernet: Enables the connection and transmission of Power Over Ethernet cables to power and manage security cameras efficiently in underwater environments.

  • LANC Commands from PC to Camera (RS-232 Port): Facilitates the transmission of LANC commands from a computer to the camera, allowing remote control and operation of the camera's functionalities even in underwater conditions.

  • General Data Transmission: Offers a universal solution for transmitting data at high speeds (up to 1 Gigabit per second) between various electronic devices or systems submerged underwater.

Water Block

The connector includes a built-in water block, which helps maintain a vacuum inside the housing when using the AirLock Vacuum System. It also serves as a safeguard against water ingress in case of cable or connector issues.


You have the flexibility to request custom cable lengths and choose from various connector types to match your specific requirements.

underwater Ethernet cables with waterproof Ethernet connectors


These bulkhead connectors fit into M16x1 threaded ports or 0.625" (16mm) holes. They're compatible with LAN Ethernet Dive And See cables such as DNC-1020, DNC-1101, DNC-1044, etc

Outline Drawing

For detailed physical dimensions and specifications, you can refer to the outline drawing provided.

outline dimensions underwater hdmi bulkhead connector M16