VGA SVGA underwater 16mm Bulkhead connector

VGA SVGA underwater 16mm Bulkhead connector

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VGA SVGA underwater 16mm Bulkhead connector

  • VGA SVGA underwater dry mate bulkhead connector for 16 mm opening or 16 mm threaded port.
  • Bulkhead connector have water block, which is allowing to keep vacuum inside of your underwater housing, depth -  240 PSI (160 meter)
  • MaterialMarine Aluminum with Hard Anodizing coating
  • Custom length is available
  • Protective cap is include

Brief Description

We have developed a bulkhead connector to transmit VGA signal and power.
Connector DNC-2032 fits into 16mm port of the underwater housings, such an Aquatica,  Aquatech.
Thread of the connector M16x1, the length of the thread is 12.7mm (0.5 inches).
If you need for Nauticam M16 housings specify "short thread" 6mm (0.25 inches).

Water Block

Underwater Bulkhead connector DNC-2032 comes with the built-in water block.
The water block keeps the vacuum inside of the housing when using the AirLock Vacuum System.
Also protect the housing against penetration of the water, if something happening with external cable or connection between external cable and bulkhead connector.


Custom length of the cables are available.

Outline Drawing

Outline dimensions drawing for Underwater VGAI bulkhead connector M16 with Long thread.

outline dimensions underwater hdmi bulkhead connector M16

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