DNC-1044 Underwater Cat6 Ethernet Cable

DNC-1044 Underwater Cat6 Ethernet Cable

Nov 29th 2020

Underwater DNC-1044 cable comes with 4-Pair 23 AWG Cat6 solid conductors, fitted with a normal male RJ-45 connector on the end. Custom length and other connector types are available (LEMO). The cable works with Dive And See bulkhead connector DNC-2025 and DNC-2031. Bulkhead connector sold separately

Depth Rating of the cable: 90 meters

Strength: Maximum recommended pulling tension – 400 N
The material of cable construction: Jacket Polyethylene (PE), OD-8mm. The outer shell is very strong and robust against mechanical stress.
The material of connector: Nickel-plated Marine grade brass or Marine grade aluminum with Hard-Anodized coating

*Connecting any CAT6 applications to the computer, router. hub, Network, distribute data or video
4K/HD Camera such an AJA RovoCam .

*Transmit UltraHD (3840×2160) at 25/29.97 fps
*Gigabit Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatible
*Supports IP Cameras
*GIG-E Ethernet – RED Epic Dragon, allows for external metadata ingest.
*FTP Transfer – Using terminal for wired LAN connection Sony Alpha a9, Nikon D4, you can automatically transfer each image (RAW, JPEG or both) to the FTP server as you shoot or transfer images in batches after shooting.
*EOS Utility – use EOS Utility to capture, view, and download images remotely.
*Media Server – view images on a DLNA – compatible TV or other devices.
*WFT Server – use a web browser to capture, view, and download images remotely.
*Remote Capture – Live View shooting images (not movies).
*Camera Control – with Canon EOS 1DX Mark II (Release the button, Manual adjust focus, Shooting functions, and much more).