New 4K External Underwater 7” Monitor – DNC-7B

New 4K External Underwater 7” Monitor – DNC-7B

Nov 29th 2020

4k Resolution

Allowance to support 4K resolution is one of the biggest advantages of our unique development – DNC-7B. At the moment, we are the first company in the underwater equipment business that released a 4K External Underwater Monitor. Also, we think it’s worth to mention that our monitor is not a recorder. Moreover, our monitor has 4 different configurations, check them out and find the one which perfectly covers your needs:

DNC-7B(H1) – HDMI input only
DNC-7B(H2) – HDMI input, HDMI live streaming video out connector
DNC-7B(S1) – SDI input only
DNC-7B(S2) – SDI input, SDI live streaming video out connector

If you are interested in purchasing our product, check out the price list on our main website:
Let’s discuss the advantages of DNC-7B

Advantages of DNC-7B

When developing the housing for DNC-7B, our engineers were focused on strengthening housing for the monitor. The goal was to create a robust housing with easy access to all monitor’s settings. Our monitor is completely sealed – it makes it even more safe to use. Long-lasting experience in the underwater market has shown that openable housing is less secure due to the ingress of any foreign object such as hair, water, sand, small pieces of napkins and etc. Our monitor has a strong, embedded battery, which is easy to charge using an external battery charger. One battery charge is good enough for 6 hours and 30 min of continuous use.

Power Button Options

DNC-7B has two shot-down power button options. The first option is a basic «ON/OFF» button, in other words, «standby switch». The second option is a security switch, or so-called «kill switch».
Kill switch is a mechanism used to shut down or disable the monitor. The Kill Switch button design protects the monitor from self-activation during transportation.

Water Block

To charge DNC-7B you will need to unscrew the protective cap and simply insert charging cable. There are no worries if your protective cap was lost, because we decided to insert a water block inside monitor’s charging port.

Aspect Ratio/ Anamorphic Mode

The aspect ratio of DNC-7B is (16:10). Such an aspect ratio helps our monitors’ users to enjoy the main menu’s interface without any cropping, which happens with (16:9). Such an aspect ratio perfectly works with anamorphic mode, which is one of the advanced features of our monitor.

Anamorphic widescreen is a process by which a comparatively wide widescreen image is horizontally compressed to fit into a storage medium with a narrower aspect ratio, reducing the horizontal resolution of the image while keeping its full original vertical resolution.

Mounting Capability

Furthermore, our monitor’s setup includes cold shoe ball mount, allowing the underwater monitor to be tilted and rotated, with 1″ ball on the end. Binding T-slots on the top and bottom allow convenient connection with underwater housings and arms. It is useful for lighting or an external microphone.

Bulkhead Connector

We are worried about the overall safety of DNC-7B, so we provide a water block inside the bulkhead connector and the monitor’s connector. By the way, we have bulkhead connectors (fittings) for all brands of the housings. If you are interested in choosing a bulkhead, check out our website: / Products / Connectors. Custom length and other HDMI connector types are available.

Sunshade/Monitor Hood

Also, DNC-7B setup includes detachable sunshade, in other words, monitor hood. Removable Sun hood greatly eliminates glare in shallow water, outdoor viewing and protects delicate monitors from the elements. Constructed of durable plastic can stand up to the rigors of use in the field. Spare screws include the monitor kit. Monitor hood is easy to install. Moreover, the design of the monitor was purposely created for positive buoyancy.


Positive buoyancy occurs when an object is lighter than the fluid it displaces, in other words, a positive buoyancy is when something is less dense that the water around it. This will make the object float.

Additionally, regarding the monitor’s design, our engineers decided to create a special shape in the lower right corner of the monitor, it will help divers to prevent a common issue – false power activation.