Underwater Surface 3G-SDI cable, 75 Ohm, 50m

Water-Resistant HD-SDI Underwater Surface cable, 75 Ohm, 50m

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50m Underwater to Surface 3G-SDI cable

  • Depth Rating: Dive down to 50 meters with confidence.

  • Strength: With a maximum pulling tension of 400 N, this cable can handle the pressure.

  • Construction Material: The PVC jacket with a diameter of 6.5 mm ensures durability underwater.

  • Connector Material: The nickel-plated Marine grade brass connector is built for the depths.

  • Video Transmission Quality: Designed for 3G-SDI (1080p60), standard SDI, or high-resolution video applications.

  • Water Resistance: 3G-SDI water resistance ensures reliable signal transmission.

  • Dual Braid Shields: Extra protection for uninterrupted video feeds.

  • Precision RG6 Coax: Specifically designed for 3G-SDI applications.

  • Custom Connectors: Equipped with custom Dive And See waterproof connectors on one end and a standard BNC connector on the surface end.

  • Strain Relief: Flexible strain relief allows the cable to move without the risk of cracking or breaking.

  • Customization Options: Choose custom lengths or other connector types (BNC, TNC) according to your needs.

  • Compatible with HD-SDI Bulkhead Connectors: Works seamlessly with HD-SDI bulkhead connectors like DNC-2022DNC-2030DNC-2036DNC-2040.

  • Bulkhead connector sold separately.

Brief Description

  • 3G-SDI Water Resistance:

    • Dual Braid Shields
    • Precision RG6 coax for 3G-SDI (1080p60)
    • Ideal for standard SDI or high-resolution video applications
  • Custom Dive And See Connectors:

    • Waterproof connectors on one end
    • Standard BNC connector on the surface end
  • Waterproof Video Transmission:

    • Designed for reliable transmission of 3G-SDI signal
    • Impedance - 75 ohm
  • Strain Relief:

    • Allows flexibility without cracking or breaking
    • Custom lengths or connector types (BNC, TNC) available

An application for an underwater-waterproof coaxial 3G SDI cable could be in underwater video and data transmission systems.

- Underwater Filmmaking: The cable can be used to transmit high-definition video signals from underwater cameras to the surface for live monitoring or recording.

- Subsea Surveillance Systems: In applications such as underwater security or monitoring systems, the cable can transmit video data from submerged cameras to monitoring stations on the surface.

- Underwater Inspections: Used in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), the cable can transmit video feeds from underwater inspections to operators on the surface.

- Oceanographic Research: For scientific purposes, the cable can be utilized in oceanographic research to transmit high-quality video data from underwater sensors and cameras to research vessels.

- Underwater Broadcasting: In scenarios where live events or broadcasts are taking place underwater, such as marine sports competitions or aquatic performances, the cable can transmit video signals to broadcasting equipment on the surface.

- Diving and Exploration: For divers exploring underwater environments, the cable can be part of a system transmitting live video feeds from underwater cameras to the surface, enhancing safety and communication.

- Underwater Robotics: In applications involving remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) or underwater drones, the cable can facilitate the transmission of video data for navigation and inspection purposes.

- Underwater Surveying: The cable can be employed in underwater surveying operations, allowing for the transmission of high-quality video data for mapping and analysis.

DNC-1062 Marine Grade Coaxial Cable allowed user to monitoring the filming and feed the SDI signal to another source such an external recorder or film director monitor.

DNC-1062 3g SDI  Submersible HD-SDI Cable with waterproof 5.5 inch LCD monitor

3G coaxial cable with Dive And See bulkhead connector

DNC-1062 hd sdi underwater 30 meters cable for professional people

If you need to monitoring HDMI signal on the surface, and you have only standard HDMI Monitor, we offer option "SDI to HDMI converter" - Options.
This device will convert an SDI signal on the surface end of the underwater coaxial cable to full HDMI 1080p signal, which is acceptable by any consumer TV or monitors with HDMI input.
Converter Support the industry's high-end 3G SDI signal and 1.485G SDI HD signal; Support PAL and NTSC.
Auto recognizes resolution of HD-SDI, SD-SDI and 3G-SDI for input.
Full HDMI supported with embedded audio
Synchronized output audio video and audio
Powered by AC adapter directly 5V to 12V, or battery source in that voltage range. 5V AC adapter is included.
Supported Video Resolution: SD 525i, 625i; HD720P@24HZ, 720P@25HZ, 720P@30HZ, 720P@50HZ, 720P@60HZ, HD 1080P@24HZ, 1080P@25HZ, 1080P@30HZ
Audio: 48KHZ digital audio

converter sdi to hdmi  over DNC-1062 coax cable waterproof 50 meters